Run 1424 Shit House

Date: 22nd October 14:00

Hares: Shithouse, Ballcock & Underlay

We have been there once before, to great acclaim and it is a pretty area where we will be running this Sunday, in Dong Nai (of course). There will be new trails, however, and there will be choices: You can walk the walk (5 km), run the walk (5 km), run the run (7.1 km) or run the extra long (10 km). The XL will be well marked and has no checks as there will be no hare on the XL section. It is just for those who really want to stretch their legs. To make it more interesting, the XL section is in the early part, so the FRBs will have to catch up with the rest of us.

Thanks to the abundant rains, the more remote trails have become a bit overgrown, so better bring long socks, and put them on, before you start. I am sure Haberdash will be pleased to sell you a pair on the bus, if you did forget to bring yours. 




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