Run 1499

Date: 24th March 14:00 - 19:00

For run 1499, join Lickalotapuss, Broken Seal, Binh There & Down Easy for the missionary style position of runs out in Binh Duong - tried and true, and very familiar to us all. Something for everyone, plenty of hairy bush to keep the sun off your noggin' and suggestive looking flowers to keep those aroused mid-trail. There may be a beer stop, but who knows, or we could just get Fine Ass singing Karaoke again. A gentle roll with the Hares in between St Paddy's run & the 1500th to keep you wet and ready.
For those who are in the know, you can join us out at the A-A point by clicking on the supplied and tested google link (don't be too afraid...) ( - 11°04'47.3"N 106°39'02.8"E)
Or for those who live, work or play out near Thu Dau Mot (Binh Duong) you can flag down the bus at 15h00 (3pm for those who can't read 24h) outside the front of Becamex Tower at the usual spot on Highway 13. ( - 10°58'33.6"N 106°40'10.8"E)
Nothing wrong with an oldie but a goodie - join us if your dare!

Meet at the Caravelle Hotel at 13.45hrs for a 14.00hrs departure.



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