Wild Arse Run 1509

Date: 26th May 14:00 - 19:30

The HARES will take you all to a place familiar from a long.. long… time ago with Virgin area and YES maybe some of the old days might recognise this. Only this time it is different and wild going through nice jungle area and beautiful nature. That's what makes it all the perfect HASH. The HARES will start on open area with some known parts before guiding you up the purest of virgin territory with a river walk, shaded shaggy, trees, open plains, cattle and plenty HOLY water in case you forget your water bottles. There will be a Hash Hold to socialize together, before we enter deeper in the woods and for the runner a real running trail.  

Meet at the Caravelle Hotel at 13.45hrs for a 14.00hrs departure

There will be a District 2 pickup at 14.15hrs along Highway 1.

Run A-site https://goo.gl/maps/2pMVVYpznz6r42fMA


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