Once you have run a few, and understood how it works you should consiter creating you very own run. If it is your first time this will help.

Find a location.

This should be somewhere you know well or otherwise convenient for you and ultimetly also for others so get to. Remember most people work till 17:30 and will need enogh time to get to the venue.

Find a restaurant for the On In. Not all will want to stay, but having a place to change and leave our bags and other belognings a must.

Planning the run.

Your primary objective is to try and keep off the main roads, and away from traffic.

Google maps will help you spot the areas with little alleys Design a hypothetical trail using you will need a Google account.

Exploring the terrain

Once you have  a trail designed on a map you musst go out and test it. Google maps is good, and used on your mobile phone will guide you through the streets. On route you will discover that many roads are not marked. Those are normally the best and less beaten by other people and vehcles.

To help you it is good if you track it so that you will find it a second time round. I personally use Geo Track. It is an app which allosw you to save the trail in a kml or gpx format which you can then upload to your original google maps.

Enhansing your tools

Upload your file to Google maps and redesign the trail, eliminationg the bad routs you took while reccing. You can also include your false trails, checks walkers short cut and beer stops.

Setting the trail

On the hash day make sure you come on time. For your first time  I would preset the trail. Leave marks with either flour or chalk or paper, if raining. Put arrows where needed. marks should be at most 50m from each other. At cheks 100m max.

This is the monday hash. A running game for thse who love running and want to socialise at the same time.

We meet every monfday at 6:30, each time in some location in Saigon

Welcome to the Saigon Monday Hash


We meet most Mondays, as our name will suggest, at 18:30 for a 19:00 start. If you get there late, you can always try and catch up

Where we meet is a little more complicated as it depends on who is setting the trail. Join our newsletter or come back to this page to see where it starts.


What to expect

The run can either be live or preset by the hare. The trail will be marked in either flour, paper or chalk. the distance is normally between 6/8 km but in any case should not take more than 40 minutes for the front runners and 1 hour for the rest.

Walkers are welcome and normally a shortcut should  always be available to make sure you do not get back too late.

The run will be followed by a circle where we get to know ourselves better, reward or punish people for how they behaved during the run and then to an On In (food place) for who wants to extend the evening.


Who is responsible.

Hashers are renowned for being totally irresponsible and when you join you are responsible for your on actions. It is not a race although some common sense will help.

The Runs will be assisted by a committee which normally includes:

  • GM does nothing but gets all the credit

  • Hare Razor, finds the volunteers to set the next trail

  • RA, (religious Advisor) will and out the rewards and punishments with much humour

  • Hash cash Beer Meister: will collect the money and buy the beers

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